Training With Us

We encourage families to train together including children and adults. Family training encourages co-operation, teamwork and shared values. We have a dedicated class for adults, senior grades and black belts, however our higher grades also train in the regular classes. This helps beginners progress.

Young or Old, Male or Female, Beginner or Experienced.

We Are Accessible to All.

We offer substantial discounts when two or more members of the same family train together. Whilst offering families of parents and children the opportunity to train together, we have classes which have add-on second classes that run afterwards that are geared up towards developing older students and advanced grades. This specialist class is open to 3rd kyu brown belts and above by instructor invitation only.

Please note that children under 4 years of age are not currently permitted to train with Cobra Karate because adequate insurance is unavailable below this age threshold.

We love the karate we teach and hope you will love it as much as we do. However, we never lose sight of the fact that, to the majority of our students it is a hobby which you chose to do for fun, just like any other sport. We are relaxed about your training schedule and we will work hard to ensure you enjoy training at our club regardless of how often you can make it.

Karate Gradings

As you progress on your journey to black belt and beyond, your milestones are rewarded with coloured belts, known as kyu grades. To progress through these grades, you will be assessed by a panel of instructors in a small group environment. We will monitor your input at these gradings thoroughly and fairly to ensure that the colour of belt around your waist accurately reflects your development in skills, technique, discipline and mental attitude. We commit to giving each and every student thorough feedback on their grading assessments – what they did well, and what they need to work on.

On reaching the grade of 3rd kyu brown belt, all subsequent gradings  are then done alongside black belts in a separate grading session, lasting longer, with more intensity and focus on padwork and a deeper understanding of the real-life application of techniques –  in a more closed environment.


Whilst the fundamental principles of our karate are deep-rooted in traditional training, we acknowledge that a number of our students enjoy participating in competition karate.

As a club, we have entered a number of local and national competitions including the National All Styles and CMAA semi-contact events. 

Many of our students have had monumental successes at these events, including multiple, gold medals and first positions for both individual and team events at national level.

We also work very closely with our good friends at Black Scorpion Karate Club, who operate karate classes in the Warrington and Widnes area. Every year, our clubs unite in a Charity Tournament – a friendly competition, where prospective tournament team members can dip their toe in the water of competition karate, to see if its something they would like to pursue more. So far, we’ve raised significant sums of money for the UK’s North West Air Ambulance and THe Stroke Association.

Ready to Start?

We want everyone to experience the benefits of of learning self-defense, self-preservation, gaining a new skill and improving their fitness, relieving the stresses of everyday life or simply making new friends. Want to get to know us more?