The Karate We Teach

We practise shotokan karate from beginner level, with goju-ryu style introduced at an advanced level.

Traditional Karate

Our karate is a traditional Japanese martial art combining hand and foot techniques in both defensive and offensive moves.

Our emphasis is on all elements of karate including punches and kicks, blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, joint manipulation, hip rotation, stances, posture and breathing practise.

We conduct an equal measure of basic training consisting of basics (kihon), sparring (kumite) and forms (kata). As an art of self-defence as well as sport, our comprehensive training system can be enjoyed by young children through to adults, from all walks of life.

We teach a full syllabus all year round to children from the age of 5 years old all the way through to late adulthood. Our system consists of basics (kihon), sparring (kumite), and forms (kata) as well as fitness and conditioning exercises plus optional street self-defence based on realistic scenarios.

For many of our students, their training goes beyond the dojo and positively impacts their daily lives including reducing stress, developing fitness and improving concentration – particularly in our younger students!

We teach in schools, recreational centres and community facilities within the Greater Manchester area, every night of the week and at weekends so there’s a suitably timed class out there for everyone!

Many people are apprehensive about joining a karate club because perhaps they feel they are too unfit/weak/old/large etc. to do karate. Here are Cobra Karate, we would like to reassure you that we are open to ALL and we will never discriminate on the grounds of age, sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs or physical limitations.

In the event of an existing illness or injury, it is always advisable to consult your doctor/GP before commencing any new physical fitness regime.


Karate training fosters a culture of co-operation and teamwork. In an era where screen addiction is limiting social skills in young people, here we help kids understand the importance of real-life interaction,


Karate can help you become more physically fit. Training in karate balances learning a useful life-skill with self-paced exercise.

Weight Loss

Alongside a healthy diet, karate training can help you lose weight, as we include fast-paced physical exercise as part of our training.

Benefits of Karate


Many martial arts, including karate, promote self-awareness, self-discipline and self-control. Many parents tell us of improved concentration in school.


Training in karate can help improve an individual’s self-confidence, without creating egotism and arrogance.


Regardless of your current physical flexibility, karate can help you improve or maintain this, within your own limitations. Improved flexibility can help day-to-day mobility and can improve quality of life, later in life.

Ready to Start?

We want everyone to experience the benefits of of learning self-defense, self-preservation, gaining a new skill and improving their fitness, relieving the stresses of everyday life or simply making new friends. Want to get to know us more?